Under the leadership of Gazi University, the “SuTP Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Product Design and Development Services Project” carried out within the scope of the Local Shared Use Facilities Grant Program helps Syrian entrepreneurs with “temporary protection” status within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and young entrepreneurs in Turkey both to develop new business ideas and to develop new business ideas. It is a project to contribute to the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the machinery, equipment and metal manufacturing sectors. This project will contribute to strengthening the networking and export capacity of Syrian entrepreneurs under temporary protection based on their skills and commercial/social connections. This study will have a period of 18 months. The “Kick-Off Meeting” event of the project was held by “Gazi University”.

The kick-off meeting was held in the form of a panel on “business and employment policies”, after an opening attended by approximately 17 people. During the meeting, ASO Economic Consultant Prof. Dr. Murat Çetinkaya, Ankara OSTİM OSB Technology Center and Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Coordinator Dear Dr. İlhami Pektaş, OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone Foreign Trade Specialist Arif Aktaş attended. During the two-day meeting, the participants actively participated in the meeting by talking about entrepreneurs working in industrial zones.


The meeting started with an opening presentation. President of the Association of Academicians and Project Coordinator, Gazi University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. İsmail ŞAHİN talked about the projects that the association has done and currently carries out, and explained how they struggle for the development of Turkey in many areas. Underlining that this project will take one and a half years, Şahin thanked the participants for their participation.

At the meeting, the partners had a dialogue on decisive questions such as the number of employees, the competencies of the employees, the business lines of the employees in order to analyze the situation of local citizens and immigrants working in industrial zones.

After giving brief information about the project to the participants, Şahin detailed various activities and activities to be implemented within the scope of the project. He talked about the importance of education, which is one of the most important needs for the formation of an individual’s entrepreneurial spirit in achieving personal, social and global development goals.

Emphasizing that the entrepreneurial spirit is the catalyst for the development of the Turkish industry, Prof. Dr. Murat ÇETİNKAYA “Developing skills suitable for the needs of the labor market, which is one of the main objectives of the project, increasing the vocational and technical capacity for the metal manufacturing sector and improving the innovative skills of individuals will contribute positively to the Turkish industry.” said.

At the meeting, the problems faced by Syrians under temporary protection who migrated to Turkey in accessing the Turkish labor market and their experiences in working life were explained with examples. Suggestions for developing entrepreneurship skills of Turkish citizens and Syrian entrepreneurs in the fields of business and employment and developing solutions for the problems in this field were discussed.


At the end of the meeting, the participants conveyed their thanks to the project coordinator Şahin. In the event evaluation survey, the organization received full points from the participants. After the meeting, all the participants went to the dinner organization.