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Get online or face-to-face support from experts for product design, modelling and prototyping. Also get free consultancy support from professionals on intellectual property rights, business creation process and procedures, internationalisation, branding and export.

Product Design


Product Design Service

Get one step closer to turning your ideas into reality with the support of our product design experts.

Our free product design services for Turkish and Syrian Entrepreneurs under temporary protection are available online and in-person. These services include the design process required to make entrepreneurs’ dreams and visions tangible, and help them lay the foundation for a successful product.

Entrepreneurs experience a customized design process, working with the project’s experienced and talented designers. This process starts from the development of the product concept, prototyping and assisting with production challenges. In addition, information is shared about the analysis and research required for the successful launch of the product, taking into account user needs and market requirements.

We support entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and gain a competitive advantage in their sectors with our product design services by offering solutions tailored to sectoral needs and your target audience. At the same time, we take into account your social and environmental responsibilities by using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and production processes.

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  • Dialog with expert designers.

  • Solve problems that you could not solve during the product design process.

  • Incorporate sustainability into the product design process.

  • Learn about the principles of product design.

  • Get feedback on the product you plan to design.



Modeling Service

With our product modeling services, we help entrepreneurs create 3D models of their products, enabling them to create more detailed designs and ensure their products are manufactured accurately. This process provides a customized modeling experience where entrepreneurs can put their own ideas and vision into action.

Working with the project’s experienced and skilled CAD experts, entrepreneurs experience a process where their product can be examined and optimized down to the finest detail. Starting from the 3D modeling of the product, this process includes material selection, planning of production processes and how to produce their products more accurately.

Our product modeling services are aimed at increasing the technical capacity and entrepreneurial skills of entrepreneurs in the metal fabrication sector and prototyping.

If you are in need of our product modeling services and would like to get support from our experienced and skilled experts in this process, please contact us by filling out the form

  • Dialogue with 3D modeling experts in the field.

  • Solve problems that you could not solve during the modeling process.

  • Learn the most suitable digital environments for the product you plan to model.

  • Gain critical knowledge on how to produce when modeling.



Prototyping Services

Through our rapid prototyping services, we can quickly and efficiently create prototypes of entrepreneurs’ products using 3D printer technology. This process enables their products to be physically manufactured and tested, so that entrepreneurs gain important insights into the functionality and usability of their products.

In the rapid prototyping process, we can produce 3D models of entrepreneurs’ products with our 3D printers at 3D-CEN. In this way, entrepreneurs can improve their designs using a real prototype, learn more about the functionality of their products and achieve a more successful outcome in preparation for the launch of their products.

By working with our experienced and specialized team during the prototyping process, entrepreneurs can gain knowledge and skills on how best to produce their products. This process helps entrepreneurs understand the production processes of their products, find cost and time efficient solutions and identify potential production issues in advance.

Furthermore, the rapid prototyping process allows entrepreneurs to get valuable feedback on the production processes of their products and use this feedback to develop and improve their products. This helps them to achieve higher chances of success and better product performance in the process of bringing products to market.

If you would like to apply for our rapid prototyping services and get in touch with our experienced and expert team to create prototypes of your products, please fill out the form by clicking the button below.

  • Make use of the 3D printers in the 3D-CEN workshop.

  • Dialog with experts in the field of prototyping.

  • Analyze your products by producing them quickly.

  • Obtain data for better product performance through rapid prototyping.



Consulting Services

Benefit from our advisory services in the process of starting and growing your business, with online or face-to-face support from our advisors. Our advisory services for entrepreneurs provide information on the business creation process, intellectual property rights, branding, exporting and internationalization and help them develop their business.

By working with the project’s consultants, entrepreneurs can develop strategies on how to build their business and take the necessary steps to grow and develop their business. Our consultants also help entrepreneurs manage the market entry process, minimize risks and build successful partnerships.

Our consulting services provide entrepreneurs with knowledge on market research, competitive analysis, differentiation of their products and services, and customer segmentation. In this way, they can lay the foundations to ensure that their business is sustainable and profitable.

In addition, during the business creation process, our consultants help entrepreneurs master financial planning, budgeting, investment strategies and fund utilization. With these services, entrepreneurs can build financially sound and successful businesses.

  • Job creation process

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Branding

  • Export

  • Internationalization

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